How would you like your business to have an unfair advantage over your competition?

Find Out The Very Latest Ways to Build Your Online Exposure, Get More Targeted Traffic, Engage More Visitors, Convert More Leads AND Dominate Your Niche

What you will learn ...

  • What you need to do right now to ensure your website complies with major new updates
  • How SEO has changed and why the old methods don’t work?
  • How to make your website your biggest Asset?
  • Why you need to be using and automating Social Media?
  • How to build your authority and be the go-to person in your niche?
  • Why traditional 'blogging' can do more harm than good?
  • and much, much more ......

Find out all this and more at the BRAND NEW "SEO and Organic Traffic" Live 2-Day Event by a Website Optimisation Expert with over 16 years hands on experience!

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Since I first started online in 2000!

SEO has changed ...

BIG Time ...

In 2017 there is more competition for traffic than ever and it is only going to get worse! 

According to Forbes - 543,000 new businesses are started every year!

.... As more businesses need to be found online for their businesses to survive - the competition for traffic rises.

.... As demand for traffic rises - so does the cost of advertising to get a slice of that traffic - the old 'Supply and Demand' law

Almost all sources of traffic are more expensive than ever and,

In fact, over the last decade the average cost per click has more than quadrupled.

The higher the cost of advertising, the greater the expense of getting people to your website, the higher the costs are to acquire a new customer! 

BUT ... what if you knew what to do to attract free targeted traffic?

Learning how to structure your business correctly online can save you thousands of advertising dollars.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic generally refers to non-paid traffic, so includes traffic from:

  • Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo....
  • Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest....
  • List Building and email marketing
  • Referrals via Branding, affiliate programs, JVs (Joint Venture Partnerships), Reviews, Testimonials, Word of Mouth Referrals....

Such traffic is all achieved organically, rather than through a source of paid advertising or promotion of some kind.

What is Targeted Traffic?

Traditionally organic traffic has been a numbers game.

  • How many page one listings?
  • How many website visitors?
  • How many Facebook likes? etc

Whilst these numbers are important and we will show you why at the workshop, they are 'Vanity Numbers' ...

Sure they make you look good and increase your authority but do they make you more sales?

Targeted Organic Traffic is not about wasting your time and effort on a numbers game but reaching your ideal client who want and needs what you have to offer!

Are you being found online for the searches that 'real people' are actually 'using' when they are searching for your products and services?

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"Organic Traffic and Search Engine Optimisation System"
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12th - 13th August 2017

"I’ve known Kim Atkins for a number of years and always been blown away by her knowledge of SEO and Online marketing with her almost fanatical approach to keeping up-to-date with the dos and don’ts of the online world. She offered me so much free advice that I thought I’d be clever and “do it all myself”. This year we bit the bullet and employed her one-on-one to design and build our website platform. What can I say… Kim is so patient and understanding and the results are amazing. We’ve achieved more in a few months than we done in the previous 3 years and more. Thanks Kim… You truly are amazing and so delighted with everything you’ve done for us."
Andrew Kavanaugh
Smart Choices Group

Can Your Potential Customers Find You Online?

Everybody Says .... Get Online It's Easy .. You'll Make a Fortune ... Really?

Getting Found Online Is Getting Harder and More Expensive!

  • Is Your Business, Product or Service seen by prospective Customers?
  • Do They Know How Your Solution Can Help Them With Their Problem?
  • Do They Even Know What Their Problem Is?

Regardless of whether you are: A Local Business, An Online Business, A Coach, An Influencer, A Consultant, A Personal Brand, A Franchise Owner, An Online Entrepreneur ....

You Need Traffic But Not Just Any Old Traffic .. Targeted Traffic That Wants Your Products and Services!

What Will You Learn?

You will learn step-by-step, proven strategies and systems to Get More Traffic, Engage More Visitors and Convert More Leads To Sales by using Free and Low Cost Strategies:

  • What you need to do make sure your website is compliant with changes happening right now!!
  • How to automate your online marketing so that you are working on your business, not in it!
  • How to structure your website to maximise 'free' traffic from search engines and social media
  • How you can grow your online network and build it into a valuable, tangible, sellable asset
  • How to beat your competition with the latest organic traffic building techniques used to get top rankings
  • Find out which methods, tools and techniques will work best to increase your online exposure
  • How to get top rankings in Google (this is a powerful skill for any business owner or marketer)
  • Fix common problems that result in ranking penalties
  • How to 'safeguard' your business so that it is not affected by changing technology
  • How to protect yourself from being slapped, hacked or copied which could potentially mean loosing your business overnight
  • Use potent social media strategies to skyrocket your rankings and increase your engagement
  • And much, much more…
"Kim Atkins SEO Goddess" It has been my pleasure working with you, I love your down to earth, methodical approach to helping me define my purpose for my websites, your understanding of how to target our Ideal Audience and knowledge of SEO is undeniable and astounding. After struggling for 4 years and not ranking in Google I am so pleased I have now followed your expert white hat strategies and implemented all you have taught me - The search results and traffic to all of my websites are incredible, to be now dominating the first page of Google and knocking a well known website from ranking one all the way to 8 speaks for itself. Thankyou again you truly are my Online & SEO Goddess"
Sharna Mills

Who Are We?

Kim Atkins:

Over the last 17 years I have worked with thousands of businesses, helping them to increase their traffic and sales using Organic Traffic strategies. I've been around since Google was just a baby and before Social Media was even a thing!

As you can imagine, things have changed a lot since I started marketing businesses online by building and ranking websites in 2000 but the fundamentals have remained the same....

You need to get your business in front of people who want your products and services!

.... just the tools we use have changed! Back in the day, you used 'The Big Yellow Book", newspapers, letter box drops etc and having a website was something you had cause 'everyone else was getting one'

Now having an online strategy is a must if you want to survive!

An industrial chemist by trade, I then later went on to become a computer and database programmer and a desk top publisher… yes I admit I have always been a total computer geek, and love it!

In 2000, a property developer knowing of my desktop publishing skills asked me if I could create him a website!!!

Yes I said, I mean how hard could it be? Back in those days there were no courses available, so I had to teach myself and that was the beginning of a passion that I still love to this day!

In 2008, I decided to put my skills to the test by going up against a highly competitive niche by developing a Motorcycle Sales website (another passion of mine). After much hard work and within a short period of time…

My website became one of the major players!

There were over 5000 bikes for sale on the site… 200 motorcycle dealers around Australia used the site and…

The site was ranked higher than the Trading Post and eBay and on par with the biggest motorcycle sales website, owned by Fairfax!

I am now fortunate to have a very successful business doing what I love, helping businesses succeed online!

Darren Bartsch:

Over the last 12 years I have been coaching businesses with their digital marketing strategies as well as researching, testing and measuring to stay up to date with the ever-changing online marketing world.

Starting out as a professional athlete in Adelaide, at the age of 21, I saw an opportunity to be one of the first franchisees in Australia with Jim’s Mowing. Developing my business from the ground up taught me a great deal about marketing and I was able to sell the business just three years later for a very tidy profit.

I then replicated the process, building from scratch and selling a number of businesses.

In 2005 realizing that other businesses could benefit from the knowledge and strategies that I had developed, I created a system that others could easily duplicate. Working with small to medium business, I now specialise in custom database management & design, Web & software development, Ecommerce and video creation.

I enjoy the challenge of getting creative to solve problems for businesses to get the best results.

"Kim Atkins is a real asset to anyone setting up an online business. She certainly knows her stuff about SEO, but her knowledge actually extends way beyond that. She has fantastic awareness about so many other aspects of being successful online and is happy to point out different things that may help you be more successful or make things easier. Kim is always growing and learning herself so she can give you the most current, relevant information. She is very astute, and incredibly helpful in steering your message and content in the right direction. Kim is just a lovely, talented woman who also has a great sense of humour. If you need someone to help you get set up in your online business with effective SEO and good advice, I would happily recommend Kim Atkins."
Suzie Williams - Carers Community
Suzie Williams
Carers Community

What We Will Cover?

Here is a brief outline of just some of the things you are going to learn:

  • The exact formula I use to get loads of organic (free) traffic
  • The inside goss on recent changes in Search Engine Optimisation
  • The latest website structures that work best to get free traffic
  • How to get increased conversions… On average, our optimised websites convert 2-3 times more traffic
  • Amazingly higher ROI, (return on investment). Converting more traffic means a higher rate of enquiries from the clicks you are already receiving
  • Three ways to monetise organic/free traffic
  • Practical tools and steps to implement to get high rankings in the search engines
  • The right way to do Content Marketing and why traditional 'Blogging' and "Article Writing' no longer works!

Who Should Come?

So who should attend this FREE 2 Day Live Workshop?

  • If you’re an internet entrepreneur who knows the value of getting extra traffic to your website…
  • If you’re a manager or business owner who wants to take your business to the next level and massively increase sales…
  • If you're an expert who provides training and you need to expand your authority and reach by branding
  • If you have a local 'bricks and mortar' business
  • If you’re ready to take advantage of the strategies shared in this results-driven, practical oriented workshop…
  • If you’re ready to learn and implement the most powerful money-making strategies proven to massively increase your business…

What Are You Selling?

At the workshop we will show you the exact same strategies we use ourselves! 

For those that want help to implement the strategies, we have a high-level program where we work closely with you to design, build and grow your business using the strategies you learn at the workshop. The program is very intensive and not for everyone so we offer the opportunity to submit an application form and we will talk to you the week after the workshop so we can jointly decide if the program will suit you!


"Having Kim as a mentor has helped me to focus on my goals and helped keep me accountable by giving me set tasks to work towards within agreed timeframes. I particularly like Kim’s straight forward and honest approach to her work and she is just a pleasure to work with. I would recommend anyone thinking of doing one of her programs to jump at the opportunity! "
Sandra Oliver
Sandra Oliver

Book Your Seat NOW for this Exclusive VIP
"Organic Traffic and Search Engine Optimisation System"
FREE 2-Day Live Interactive Workshop
12th - 13th August 2017

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